Choosing the Smartest Business Template Options

Now you need to think about how your logo will fit into the different media you will be using. During this step, you must therefore explain the ways of representing your logo according to the different environments for which it is intended. This helps prevent your logo from being stretched, compressed, altered or misaligned and your brand image from being damaged.

It is an unpopular opinion but using alphanumeric characters in your logo can help potential customers quickly determine what your brand is. You need to determine how many “actual” characters you want to use. You can use the help of a character counter which you can easily find online to exactly determine the actual number of characters you will be using.

Create a graphic charter

For this, several aspects are to be determined:

Dimensions: what are the minimum dimensions of your logo? What proportions to respect?

Space: If your logo requires a certain amount of empty space (around for example) to be readable, you will have to write your instructions. For example, when your logo is used alongside other elements, the fact of providing a margin makes it easier to read.

Colors: What is the color code to use? What are the different possible uses of colors? What variations are possible (black and white, 1 color only, etc.)? Indeed, depending on the background color, the logo will come out more or less well.

To proscribe: You will have to illustrate the things not to do and on the contrary, the good practices, to guide the various actors in the use of your logo. The use of the roadmap PowerPoint template is essential now. You need the best choices for the smart business development here and for that  the tight details are perfect here.

Identify The Visual Universe That Corresponds To Your Brand

This step is to explain the different ways you want to communicate about your business. To do this, you need to identify the style of images, illustrations and pictograms that best suit your business. This will initially allow you to have a coherent visual universe . Creating a graphic charter is very beneficial for all the other people involved in your business who will know how to use the images to illustrate your communication media. You can also integrate sample images that have worked well for your business or provide inspirational examples. The mood board is a tool often used to create a graphic charter and collect images that evoke the messages and emotions that you want to convey.

The fact of regularly using certain images will ultimately allow them to be associated with your company.

Declare Your Visual Identity On The Different Supports

By declining your visual identity on all of your communication tools, you will gain credibility and notoriety. The idea of ​​a graphic charter is therefore to be able to define and adapt your visual universe more easily on all your supports. Thus, you will be able to communicate easily with the same typography, the same colors and the same layout to build a coherent and harmonious communication.

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