Entrepreneurs — What Goes On When Nobody Loves Your Product Or Service?

You have had a good idea, a fantastic idea. It has been a spare time activity or perhaps a mission you have for a long time and you’ve got finally got the time and money to begin your personal business. Or you’ve been around for a while and you’re realizing that nobody appears to like your product or service any longer – they are not buying them. Where do you turn?

Well the apparent answer is to discover why:

* Ask your present and former customers what sort of things they want you to definitely sell.

* For those who have items that are offered like a recurring matter, then ask your clients what enhancements they want. This can be done like a survey, a contest (if permitted) or perhaps a suggestion box. The solutions may surprise you.

* Is the product a duplicate of some other far better item?

* Take a look at what your competition do – they have improved or re priced – or perhaps stopped selling the product altogether.

* Are you certain you have not only fallen in to the newbies trap of promoting something which nobody would like? You probably did seek information did not you?

* You’re marketing your products as well as your business shouldn’t you be? If individuals don’t know you’re there, they cannot purchase from you. Don’t fall under the trap of slowing lower in your marketing as you become competent.

So you’ve now learned what’s wrong, let us consider a couple of things that can be done for your old products.

* Rehash these to make different things.

* Combine several products.

* Repackage them.

* Re-cost them.

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