The Deadline and Your Tax Calculation Options

If you miss the aforementioned deadline, you can also change the method of claiming child benefits by objecting to the informative calculation, which parents with child benefits usually receive in May. After receiving the informative calculation, you calculate the best way to claim tax relief. If this is different from the one in the informative calculation, lodge an objection to this calculation. DURS will re-assess your personal income tax and take into account your changes. It is also true that both the father and the mother must lodge an objection for this purpose. With this method, you will receive a refund of overpaid income tax in the autumn months. The tax calculator is important there.

Important note: The application for a modified claim for child benefits must be submitted by the father and mother.

Impact on child benefit

The method of claiming tax relief affects the amount of your net income and thus the income class for child allowance. The aforementioned form also allows you to calculate the income class for child allowance, so that you can check the possible impact on the amount of child allowance in addition to the various ways of claiming tax relief. 

If you happen to be close to the income class limit, it may be more favorable for your family to claim less tax relief if you would receive a higher amount of child allowance on this account next year and this difference in child allowance would be greater than the effect tax relief that would be waived. All this, of course, needs to be calculated. If you don’t understand this very well, it’s best not to deal with it, but only to apply tax relief as optimally as possible, because it will be money, which you will receive this year, and a possible higher child allowance, as a rule, only next year.

Tax agency corresponds to coronavirus

Tax agency has prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the new tax measures. 

Annual calculation of DDPO and payment of personal income tax advances

Has the deadline for submitting the annual DDPO (corporate income tax return) and (income tax advance and income tax return) been extended?

Yes, the deadline for submitting the annual report for 2019 is moved from 31.3.2020 to 31.5.2020 for companies and joint ventures (expiring on Monday 1.6.2020). The deadlines for submitting DDPO and DohDej accounts in the event of windings, status changes or insolvency proceedings remain the same.

Which installments of the DDPO advance payment do not need to be paid and is it possible to pay the installments anyway?

The Intervention Act relieves taxpayers of the payment of advance installments for the duration of the intervention measures. Advance installments are due on the last day of the period to which they relate. Taxpayers are not required to pay the installments due from the entry into force of the law until 31 May 2020 (i.e. for April and May). In the event that the epidemic is not canceled by 15 May 2020, the measure also covers the June installment. The March installment of the advance payment must be paid and must be paid within 10 days of maturity.