Start your business with consultation and sail through the market

The biggest growth sectors of Singapore are travel and tourism, IT and telecom, education and agriculture. Investors eye this country in South East Asia to make the best out of their new business. Setting up a business in Singapore needs to go though some consecutive steps and formalities. Some of those are financial decisions, legal aspects, distribution channel, manpower and other things related to a business.  Individuals from the country itself can do everything by themselves. But it is a good approach to let the experts handle this. The incorporation consultants are here to help. They will do it for you. They have all the experience and expertise to go about that. The foreign investors also have to take services of them as they cannot directly work into Singapore. 

Services for local and global investors

Local and global investments are different in terms of operational approach. The agency Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants Pte Ltd handles both. Locals have some formalities to take care of:

  • Singapore company registration: A basic need to start and run any business
  • Singapore company secretarial services: It is required to appoint a company secretary to comply with guidelines of the state. 
  • Singapore business registration partnership: This is formality of registration of all the partners.  
  • Singapore business registration for sole proprietorship: Sole ownership is of another kind of possession. That should also be registered. 

For foreign investments:

  • Nominee director for Singapore companies: There must be nominee director for foreign company. This person must be a natural resident of the country. The agency provides that. 
  • Subsidiary company service: This subsidiary business should be different than the original company. Agency also does it for you. 
  • Representative office in Singapore: Without expanding operation, a business can mark its presence. For that the investor needs representative office at least for three years. 
  • Singapore holding company: There must stakeholders in the company who are Singaporean. So it is also the job of the firm to arrange that. 

 Other special certification for special investment

We need authenticity and approval certificate from all possible authority associated with a particular business. It increases the credibility of the company and eventually brings trust among the consumers. For instance, a food business may opt for halal certificate to target Muslim consumers. Muslims prefers non vegetarian food cooked as per halal. So it is important for a food supplier to target that demographic. The agency helps cooking halal foods. They eventually get you the halal certificate. 

Promote the business and get the best out of it

Expecting the product to perform great in the market should not stop the manufactures from promotion and advertisement. The provides services to bring out the best from your product. They will bring out the best characteristics of the product with their top notch graphics design and animations. They also help with PR and marketing in social media. Website development for business is another domain as well for their service. Best service and best marketing will help a business to flourish.