Review of Live-Bit, one of the world-leading exchanges

Live-Bit believes that it is on the list of best exchange provider companies in the world. At present, Live-Bit has covered the US and European market but it has a plan to extend the empire overseas. 

Let’s review Live-Bit.


There is a verification process like those of standard industry and international websites and people can easily complete the verification process.

It has two levels of verification on Live-Bit. If you are a new user to Live-Bit and created a new account, you may not be able to deposit any amount or make a withdrawal.

To receive the service from Live-Bit, you must complete the verification process and level 1 verification will need the following personal information.

  1. Name
  2. Nationality
  3. Date of birth
  4. Passport or identity number
  5. Address

After completing the level one verification, you can deposit up to US $ 2,000 per day, but still, you will not be eligible for withdrawal.

For the next step verification or level 2 verification, you will need the following.

* A photo of the passport or a photo of identity card

* Proof of address on which a utility bill or bank statement are based

If you complete the level two verification, you can deposit and withdraw up to the US $ 50,000 daily for a personal account and you will have a limit of US $ 500,000 for deposit and withdrawal for business account.

Live-Bit has two FIAT currencies for an exchange and they are US Dollar (USD) and the Chinese Yuan (CNY). Besides, it supports Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) for trading.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

Live-Bit supports only US Dollars for deposits and you can deposit on this platform through bank and wire transfer. If you have created a business account, it will charge nothing but if you use a personal account, they will charge you for 0.1% of the transferred amount. It is excluded from the bank charge.

If you want withdrawal in US Dollar, you must have access back transfer and it will be 0.1% or a minimum of 15 Dollars as fees. But, it is totally free for Bitcoin and Litecoin withdrawals.

Trading at Live-Bit

Live-Bit is a platform that has lighter liquidity, stability, and advancement. Moreover, it includes a high-end exchange for professional and regular merchants.

It provides several kinds of advanced orders that include trailing stop orders, Iceberg orders, and TWAPs. Live-Bit has become the first exchange that provides features on BTC / USD pair and still possesses higher liquidity.

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