6 Best Emojis To Use To Show Your Inner Playfulness

There are various ways to show how playful you are. But since this is the generation of the internet and technology, it is tough to show and express how quirky you are with someone. With emojis or emoticons, all people’s everyday lives have been a lot easier, especially when communicating with somebody they know.

Everybody knows that people may not be joyful all the time. There are times when they do not want to converse with anyone but if the happy times come, here are some of the emojis or emoticons you can use so that you would be able to express and let them know just how high-spirited you are.

Droplet Emoji

Imagine, it is almost winter and the rainy days are here. It is pouring outside, and you are bored in your homes, but you are in a perfect mood today, so you decided that you want to go out and play in the rain, and you wanted to invite your neighbor to go with you, but they are in their homes. 

So you thought it would be best to send them a message but are a bit shy. What better way to let them know without saying anything? You guessed, right! By sending the water emoji or the droplet emoji. All you need to do is send this emoji, and since it is pouring, they will immediately know what you are talking about, and you now have someone to play with.

Snowman Without Snow

This emoji has two snowballs for a body, a top hat, black eyes, a carrot nose, and two stick arms. Some social media platforms even add a smile or a scarf on it. Some even use it associating with the winter season or Christmas. 

Whenever the winter season comes, many kids and some adults love to play in the snow, and what better emoji to use when inviting someone to play outside than the snowman without snow emoji, right? This emoji means having fun and making a snowman or a snow angel.

Umbrella On The Ground Emoji

This emoji has an open beach umbrella standing on the ground or a sandy beach. The umbrella on the ground emoji is the second most used emoji relating to summer or the beach, right after the top most used emoji, the smiling sun with sunglasses emoji.

Whenever people see the umbrella on the ground emoji, the first thing that comes to their mind is the beach. Enough with the winter season. Summer is here! This is the happiest season there is. You can do many things in the summer, but the most common thing to do is having a dip in the ocean or just enjoying the heat while sunbathing.

Bonfire Emoji

There is another emoji that is most commonly used whenever people want to have fun. And that is the bonfire emoji with some firewood and fire above it. But some platforms don’t use woods anymore. But even though they changed that, it would still mean the same. 

Since most platforms only use the fire logo, people are getting a lot more creative to show their true feelings. They use it and add a girl and boy emoticon with a marshmallow to demonstrate some friends having fun in the fire and roasting marshmallows, making smores.

Jack-O-Lantern Emoji

The jack-o-lantern or the pumpkin emoji is a carved pumpkin with a spooky, smiling face that is generally used to indicate and is a national symbol of Halloween. In the United States, people celebrate it with some trick or treating, joy rides, and the most exciting one of all, ghost hunting! 

Even with everything that is happening right now, there are numerous ways to enjoy Halloween safely. One of those ways is pranking your friends or anybody you know by sending spooky memes and pairing it with emojis like skulls, ghosts, goblins, and, of course, the pumpkin emoji.

Movie Camera Emoji

There is another emoticon that people often use to invite someone to have fun and go out to the movies, and that is the movie camera emoji. This is an emoji with a logo of a classic camera portrayed as a black camera mounted with two reels of film. 

There are many ways this emoji can be used. When portraying a movie or a film, the movie camera emoticon’s most common usage is inviting some of your close friends or loved ones to go to the film. This is usually paired with the popcorn emoji to best express the invitation without any other words added to the message.


The hardest thing about having the urge to have fun is inviting someone to come and have fun with you. There are many other ways to ask them, but your life would be more comfortable using these emojis. Just make sure that you use and pair them with other emoticons wisely to send the correct message.

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