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Safeway Job Application | Safeway Employment

Hey there! hope you doing well. Are you thinking to start your career with Safeway? Then you are definitely in search for Safeway Job Application and Safeway Career information. Am I correct?

Well, there is nothing to worry if you are looking for Safeway Job Application Hiring Process online for getting the job in the Safeway

First, you must know the proper hiring process to get a job in a Safeway. For that, you have to fulfill the basic requirement and their criteria in order to get hired at Safeway.

So here in this post, I have presented detail information to get a job in Safeway. Here I have covered Safeway Career, Safeway opening, responsibility & Requirement, Safeway Payroll, Safeway job application and many more.

Safeway Career


Safeway Job Openings

  • Safeway Courtesy Clerk
  • Safeway Front End Clerk
  • Safeway Delivery Driver
  • Safeway Pharmacy Technician
  • Safeway Warehouse Worker

Safeway Job Requirement and Responsibility

1. Safeway Courtesy Clerk

As entry-level workers, courtesy clerks provide basic customer service in the form of bagging groceries, stocking shelves and directing visitors to aisles and products. The answer to all store managers.


  • Help customers bag, carry and load their purchases into their vehicles.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the store by sweeping, mopping and wiping down surfaces as necessary.
  • Assist with the set-up of product displays and shelves.
  • Return and organize carts in and from the parking lot.


Courtesy clerks must be at least 14-16 years old depending on the state. They should have a friendly, professional demeanor and the ability to lift, stand, walk, bend and squat for the duration of their shift. No previous retail experience is necessary.

2. Safeway Front End Clerk

As the first faces that visitors will see in a Safeway store, front end clerks are expected to provide exceptional customer service. Whether it’s ringing up orders or simply greeting customers as they come through the doors, front end clerks are front-end representatives for the brand.


  • Handle cash, checks and credit cards with the assistance of a computerized cash register.
  • Maintain the order and cleanliness of workstations.
  • Supervise other employees in the absence of a manager.
  • Resolve customer conflicts in a way that retains brand loyalty.


Front-end clerks need to be at least 18 years old. Preference will be given to candidates with at least one year of experience in a retail or customer service setting.

3. Safeway Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers transport goods and groceries to waiting customers. They might work directly out of retail stores or from distribution centers where online orders are placed.


  • Load and unload delivery trucks and vans.
  • Follow schedules and make deliveries within established time frames.
  • Manage receipts, order forms, customer signatures, and transportation logs.
  • Drive a company-issued vehicle in full compliance with Safeway driving standards.


Delivery drivers must be between 18-21 years old depending on the state. They’ll need a valid driver’s license with no at-fault accidents within the last three years and no DUI/DWI charges within the past seven years. Preference will be given to candidates with at least one year of experience as a delivery driver.

4. Safeway Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians work under certified pharmacists to help patients with medications, medical supplies, and general health concerns.


  • Fill, stock, label, rotate and verify patient prescriptions.
  • Accept and organize incoming pharmacy tools and supplies.
  • Maintain patient database by adding, editing, updating, reviewing and deleting information as necessary
  • Operate pharmacy computers and registers with both speed and accuracy.


Pharmacy technicians need to be at least 21 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. They should be certified as a pharmacy assistant or pharmacy technician by their state. Preference will be given to applicants with a year or more of pharmacy training.

5. Safeway Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of Safeway warehouses. They provide the physical labor that powers the entire brand.


  • Lift, label, stack, organize and store different bags, boxes, shipments, and deliveries.
  • Operate a variety of industrial equipment, including forklifts and conveyor belts.
  • Double-check incoming and outgoing orders for accuracy and safety.
  • Collect data and product information for review by senior management.


Warehouse workers need to be at least 18 years old and legally allowed to work in the US. They should be capable of lifting, hauling and carrying up to 50lbs without assistance, and they should be comfortable spending their entire shift on their feet. Safeway requires no previous job experience for this position, but they’ll need a high school diploma or GED.

Safeway Payroll | Safeway Salary

  • Safeway Courtesy Clerk –  $7 – $14 an hour
  • Safeway Front End Clerk – $9 – $15 an hour
  • Safeway Delivery Driver – $13 – $21 an hour
  • Safeway Pharmacy Technician –  $11 and $22 an hour
  • Safeway Warehouse Worker –  $14 – $27 an hour

Safeway Job Application

Go to the careers website to complete and submit the Safeway job application. The company is a retail grocer with approximately 1,300 locations spread throughout the United States. Retail, pharmacy, home delivery, distribution, manufacturing, transportation, and corporate positions include the types of jobs that can be applied for online. 

Step:1 Begin the search by going to the Safeway Careers site.

safeway job app

Step:2 Select which type of position you want to apply for from the drop-down list (e.g. retail, pharmacy, etc.)

Step:3 Select your age from the drop-down list and hit the “Continue” button.

Step:4 Search by keyword or location (city/state/zip).

Step:5 View the current openings by scrolling down the page. Click the position you want to apply for.

Step:6 Press the “Apply” button to load the next step.

Step:7 Select any additional locations you want to apply for (if applicable) and then press the “Next” button.

Step:8 Log in with your LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook account. If you need to create a new account fill out the registration form.

Step:9 Complete each required section of the application. After all, sections have been fully completed you will be able to submit it for processing. If your application matches the current needs of the location(s) you’ve applied to you will be contacted for an interview.

Safeway Customer Service

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Mailing Address:

5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Contact Page:

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I hope you enjoy this article and get adequate information about Safeway Job Application. Although, if you have any double regarding this post or regarding Safeway Job Application feel free to ask me or drop a message in the comment box I will determine and revert you as soon as possible. For more updates stay tuned or bookmark my site

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