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Rue 21 Job Application | Rue 21 Hiring Process

Hello there! Hope you doing well. Are you looking for employment at Rue21? well, luckily you arrive on the right page to visit.

I know you should know before your Rue 21 Interview that how to apply at Rue21, rue21 Hiring process, Rue21 openings, job position role & responsibility and how to apply for Rue21 job application as well.

So don’t get panic here in this article, I have mentioned all the necessary information and explain step by step so read it carefully till the end and make your position strong in this workplace.

Rue21 Career

There are multiple job openings at Rue21. So you are willing to apply for one of them then you should know what is the job duty, pay scale and compensation as well. These all information is described below.

rue 21 career

♦️ Rue21 Hiring

  • Rue21 Sales Associates
  • Rue21 Stock Associate
  • Rue21 Assistant Manager
  • Rue21 Material Handlers
  • Rue21 Photo Stylist

♦️ Rue21 Job Responsibilities & Requirements

  • Rue21 Sales Associates

    Sales associates work within Rue21 stores to present exceptional buyer service and give to the everyday services of their place.


    – Guide clients with product questions, style advice, and fitting room suggestions.
    – Strike up customers with “suggestive selling” at the register.
    – Deliver coupons, flyers, product samples, and promotional leaflets.
    – Sustain floor awareness to prevent theft.


    Sales associates should be at least 16 years old to work at Rue21. No previous experience is necessary, but they should have a friendly, energetic attitude and an extreme curiosity in fashion.

  • Rue21 Stock Associate

    Stock associates work fundamentally with products: accepting deliveries, organizing inventory and processing of bulk goods in the stock room.


    – Fill empty racks and exhibits with merchandise from the stock room.
    – Sustain the backstock by accurately folding, labeling, stacking and assembling items.
    – Perform basic store maintenance duties such as replacing lights and cleaning the carpet.
    – Apply and transfer anti-theft sensors to high-value items.


    Stock associates should be at least 16 years old to work at Rue21. No previous experience is necessary, although they should be capable of performing a variety of tasks that require standing, bending, lifting and twisting. They’ll also demand to be available every Friday to process clothing shipments before the weekend rush.

  • Rue21 Assistant Manager

    Assistant managers give support to store managers in all areas, including commercial, clerical and operational.


    – Support with payroll functions and employee scheduling.
    – Empower sales and markdowns for the stock that needs to be transferred.
    – Recruit, interview, hire, train and coach new store associates.
    – Act as a mediator for conflict determination between employees and customers.


    Assistant managers should have at least one year of experience in retail apparel. Inclination will be given to those with former management experience, especially in a retail or hospitality industry.

  • Rue21 Material Handlers

    Material handlers work in Rue21’s placement centers to ship, organize and process products.


    – Load and stack items in delivery trucks in accordance with Rue21 protection criteria.
    – Operate manufacturing warehouse equipment such as forklifts, line conveyors, and vacuum packages.
    – Report shipping and tracking data for all garments and accessories.
    – Print and affix labels to boxes, bags, cases, and packages.


    Material handlers should be at least 18 years old. No previous experience is necessary, but they should be physically fit and ready for hand-operated labor.

  • Rue21 Photo Stylist

    As part of Rue21’s e-commerce division, photo stylists create digital illustrations that represent the brand throughout all web and promotional elements.


    – Organize photo shoots for costumes, outfits, and accessories.
    – Make supervisory decisions about colors, lights, layers, poses, and hairstyles while on the scene.
    – Design portfolios to review all photos and visible merchandising options with the fashion team.
    – Interface with market researchers and store managers about the latest trends and styles.


    Photo stylists should have an associate’s degree or higher in a fashion- or marketing-related discipline. They should also have at least two years of styling or photography experience, preferably in a retail setting.


♦️ Rue21 Pay | Rue21 Salary

  • Rue21 Sales Associates –  $7 – $11 an hour
  • Rue21 Stock Associate –  $8 – $10 an hour
  • Rue21 Assistant Manager – $10 – $16 an hour with the average being $13 an hour
  • Rue21 Material Handlers – $9 and $12 an hour
  • Rue21 Photo Stylist –  $13 – $20 an hour on average

Rue21 Job Application

Current company policy dictates that candidates who want to apply at Rue21 that must have to submit their Rue21 Job Application online on the official careers portal steps are mentioned below.

Step:1 Go to the Rue21 Career portal.

rue 21 job app

Step:2 Click on the “Search Jobs” link and then select the job type.

Step:3 You can search by keyword, or by selecting a category, position type, or location. After entering your search criteria click the “Search” button to load the results.

Step:4 Click the job in which you want to apply for.

Step:5 After reading the job’s description and requirements click the “Interested? Apply Now!” button.

Step:6 As this is an online Job Application you must create a profile. So select whether you want to create the profile with your resume, or by create with the online form.

Step:7 Enter the required information to fill up the form.

Step:8 On the following page, answer some job regarding questions.

Step:9 At last review the application form, check the “applicant signature” box and then click the “Submit” button.

Rue21 Hiring Procedure

  • It all begins with the Rue21 application, which will be examined by a hiring manager, whether the candidate has completed the Rue21 application online or submitted a resume in person.
  • If the Rue21 hiring manager considers the candidate to be a good fit, they will usually call to schedule an in-person interview.
  • Rue21 interviews for store Rue21 careers are usually relaxed and last from 15 minutes to half an hour.
  • For some Rue21 careers, additional interviews might be required, though this usually happens for management or corporate Rue21 careers.
  • During the interview, the candidate will be asked to give more details about their prior work experience and education.
  • The hiring manager will also talk about the responsibilities and duties of the job and the schedule.
  • During the interview, the candidate too should ask some questions about the job and the Rue21 hiring manager expectations for the employee.
  • At last the best candidates will be presented with a job offer.

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I hope you enjoy this article and find some valuable and interesting news about the Rue21. Still, if you have any query regarding this post or Rue21 without hesitation drop a message in the comment box I will revert you as soon as possible. For more update and employment details bookmark my site Good Luck!

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