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Rue21 Interview Questions & Answers | Rue 21 Interview Tips

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Rue21 Interview Questions & Answers | Rue21 Interview Tips

Hey there! When we are looking for something important and fortunately we get with proper guideline then we feel like on ninth cloud. 

Here In this post, I am going to discuss on Rue21 Interview Tips and Rue21 Interview Questions & Answers. If you looking for Rue21 Employment guideline then luckily you check the right page for guidance.

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Rue21 Interview Tips

These are a few tips for acing your Rue21 interview:

☑️ Be Friendly and Outgoing During the Interview

At a fast-paced mall retail outlet, employees need social skills. The interview is the first place to impress the manager with your talking abilities. In retail, stores are much more successful with talkative, friendly employees. Giving one-word interview answers will drastically lower your chances of landing the job.

☑️ Read Up on Fashion Trends

As a growing retailer, Rue21 aims to employ people with a passion for clothing and fashion. You should read up on clothing trends before your interview. Since the company markets towards 21-year-olds — and those who want to look 21 — make sure to spend most of your time reading on clothing for that age group.

☑️ Dress Appropriately

This is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of fashion and company culture. No matter your age, wear something youthful to the interview. Don’t, however, overdress. It’s unsuitable to wear formal clothes to a Rue21 interview. Doing so will show your lack of fashion sense.

☑️ Applicants should smile and behave in a friendly manner. In sales and retail, a positive attitude is the most important and preferred by hiring managers.

☑️ Candidates should be calm and stand still. Constant fidgeting can be disturbing and make the Rue21 hiring manager feel uncomfortable.

☑️ Applicants should speak with a calm voice and at a normal pace.

☑️ Candidates need to make eye contact with the Rue21 hiring manager at least from time to time. This is very important because it shows respect for the other person.

☑️ Aspirants should refrain from interrupting the Rue21 hiring manager when speaking.

☑️ Unless having been asked a Yes or No question, candidates should give detailed answers while still remaining on topic.

Rue21 Interview Questions & Answers

The Rue21 interview is designed to test your speaking abilities. Every position in the store revolves around speaking and customer service. There are some examples of Rue21 interview questions and answers mention below for studying before meeting with the hiring manager.

☑️ Rue21 Interview Questions & Answers for the Customer Service Associate Position

Q1: What would you do if you noticed a coworker arguing with a customer?
A: I would get involved and try to lighten the mood in any way possible. Above all, I would be extremely kind to both parties, but I would prioritize helping the customer. If I couldn’t help resolve the issue, I would contact a manager immediately.

Q2: Why do you want to work for Rue21?
A: Since I learned about the company, I’ve enjoyed shopping at Rue21. It’s been fun watching new locations appear in the various malls in my area. I’ve always had a great shopping experience at each location, and I thought I might like an opportunity to help deliver those types of experiences to new customers.

Q3: What does customer service mean to you?
A: Customer service is delivering a great shopping experience by any means necessary. In my previous roles, I’ve been known to go the extra mile in the name of solving problems for customers. It is in my nature to keep trying until the customer is totally satisfied.

☑️ Rue21 Interview Questions & Answers for the Sales Associate Position

Q1: Do you like working towards sales and commission goals?
A: Sales and commission goals make each work day a challenge. Each day flies by when there’s an incentive to perform at my peak level. Commission at the end of a great sales day makes it all worthwhile there’s nothing more fulfilling than running and surpassing sales purposes.

Q2: What is your style?
A: I go for a very youthful style. The best part about the young look is the limitless potential for outfits. Some days, I prefer dressing in very comfortable clothes. Other days, I try to look my best. Most importantly, I know that Rue21 offers clothes on both ends of that spectrum.

Q3: Why should we hire you?
A: You should hire me because I have a keen eye for fashion and clothing. I also envision myself growing with the company. While other employees come and go, I can be the sales associate that always meets goals.

☑️ Rue21 Interview Questions & Answers for the Stocking Associate Position

Q1: What do you know about Rue21?
A: I know the company started in the 1970s as Pennsylvania Fashions. Since then, they’ve expanded to malls across the country. I’m excited for an opportunity to work for a company expanding so rapidly.

Q2: What do you think about loss prevention?
A: I think loss prevention is an essential part of the retail environment, but I also think effective LP starts at the in-store employee level. As a stocking associate, I can be the eyes and ears the store needs to prevent all kinds of issues. Also, it’s easy to overlook a stocking associate’s capability of promoting loss through carelessness; I will treat all merchandise like it were my own.

Q3: Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: I have many long-term goals, but I could see a future where I’ve grown with Rue21. The company’s successful expansion across the country shows me that good employees have an opportunity for advancement. I want to be the employee who gets promoted through the ranks.

Rue21 Customer Service

Contact Number:


Working Hours:

Most probable time though it varies from location to location

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Mailing Address:

rue21, Inc.
800 Commonwealth Dr
Warrendale, Pennsylvania 15086

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