Old Navy Interview Questions | Old Navy Interview Tips

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Old Navy Interview Questions | Old Navy Interview Tips

Hey there! Hope you doing well. Are you passionate about to work with a well-known Organization? If yes, then you look out at the right place. Today I come back with Old Navy Interview guideline. 

So before you getting hired, you should know about Old Navy, Old Navy Careers, Old Navy Openings, Old Navy Hiring, Old Navy Hiring Process, Old Navy Job Application along with Old Navy Interview Tips and Old Navy Interview Questions and answers. 

Thus, before appearing in Old Navy Interview prepare well and practicing the below KFC interview tips and tricks and make a strong impression with Old Navy management.

About Old Navy

old navy

Industry Retail
Founded March 11, 1994; 24 years ago
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Number of locations
Key people
Sonia Syngal (CEO and Global President)
Products Clothing
Parent Gap Inc. (1994–present)
Website OldNavy.com

Old Navy Job Interview Tips

If the hiring manager decides that you have the skills and availability needed for the open position, you may be called to the store location for a one-to-one interview. You can prepare for that interview and get ready to answer a variety of Old Navy interview question by using these pre-interview tips.

Conduct Research on the Company & Job Opening

Do some research on the company first. You can wow the hiring manager and show your true level of interest in the job if you know some of these key facts first:

  • The company’s CEO or president
  • The location of the company’s headquarters
  • The company’s motto or mission statement
  • The underlying theme of the company’s culture

Go Through some Interview Questions & Prepare Answers

Prepare some of the answers that you want to give to some of the more common Old Navy interview questions. Rehearse them by yourself or with a friend or relative before you show up for the interview. This rehearsal helps you feel more confident and also helps take the edge off any pre-interview jitters. Try out different answers to each question and decide what ones sound the best.

Arrive on Time

Show up on time for your interview. Better yet, show up five to 10 minutes early. Make sure you are showered and covered in clean clothes that are pressed, intact, and free from any slogans or obscenities. Also, chew a piece of gum before the interview to freshen your breath. Chewing gum also helps you relax.

Old Navy Job Interview Questions & Answers

Old Navy routinely hires for personnel like:

  • store associates
  • stock associates
  • store managers

All of these positions require different levels of training and experience. Learn how to make the best impression by discovering what Old Navy interview questions commonly accompany these top job openings.

1. Old Navy Store Associate Interview Questions & Answers

You can expect to answer these Old Navy job interview questions if you apply for an Old Navy store associate position.

Q1: Why do you want to work for Old Navy?
A: I want to work for Old Navy because I love clothing and accessories. I also am passionate about working with the public.

Q2: What skills can you bring to this position?
A: I have experience working with the public through volunteer work at school. I also study up on the latest fashion trends.

Q3: Are you comfortable helping members of the opposite gender shop for clothing?
A: Yes, I have several brothers and sisters and always help them choose outfits. I can tell what looks great for both men and women.

2. Old Navy Stock Associate Interview Questions & Answers

You can anticipate these Old Navy interview questions if you apply for a stock associate opening.

Q1: Tell us about your experience in retail and retail inventory.
A: I have worked as a stocker for a big box retail store. I understand how to zone and square up stock on the sales floor to give the store an inviting and well-stocked appearance.

Q2: What measures do you take to keep you and your coworkers safe while moving inventory?
A: I follow all company and OSHA rules, which involve lifting with my knees rather than my back and also wearing weightlifting belts while moving heavy freight.

Q3: What qualifications do you have that make you the best candidate?
A: I am certified to operate a forklift as well as a sidewinder. I also am an OSHA-certified occupational safety associate for my previous employer.

3. Old Navy Store Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Store managers often answer these Old Navy interview questions prior to being hired by the company.

Q1: Tell us about your prior retail or management experience.
A: I have worked as a manager for a midsize pharmacy retailer as well as an associate manager for a big box retailer. Prior to those positions, I worked as a supervisor for a major home improvement retailer.

Q2: What strategies do you utilize for team building?
A: I use positive reinforcement as well as weekly group meeting with all of my associates. I also encourage open communication between my associates and me.

Q3: How would you handle an employee with chronic attendance issues?
A: I would first ask the employee about the underlying causes of the absences. I would then address those issues with preventative measures or disciplinary action as outlined by company procedures.

Old Navy Customer Service

Contact Number:


Mailing Address:

2 Folsom Street
San Francisco,
Working Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 10 PM

Reference Site

Official site: http://www.oldnavy.com
Career Site: http://www.jobs.oldnavy.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oldnavy
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/oldnavy
Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/oldnavy/

I expect that you enjoy this article and find what are you looking for here in this post as an Old Navy and Old Navy Interview Questions and Tips. Although, if you have any suggestion or query feel free to contacts me I will determine and respond to you soon. For more updates regarding the interview tips and tricks stay tuned with me at jobapplicationguide.info.

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