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Nike Interview Questions and Answers | Nike Interview Tips

Hey friends! Anyone put more afford when they have to do the thing what they love to do. So nowadays teenagers and adults are passionate about Nike and some of them die to do work there.

So if you think for applying at Nike. Then don’t worry about the tips or suggestion and guideline I will help you out for the whole procedure.

Here in this article, I have presented all the essential information as Nike Interview Tips and Nike Interview Question and Answers for your Nike Job Application preparation.

About Nike


Traded as
  • NYSE: NKE (Class B)
  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Sports equipment
Founded January 25, 1964
  • Bill Bowerman
  • Phil Knight
Headquarters Washington County, Oregon, U.S.
(Near Beaverton, Oregon)
Area served
  • Athletic footwear & apparel
  • Athletic & recreational products
  • Sports equipment
Number of employees

Nike Interview Tips

In any well known corporate and industry interview candidate should be little tricky and optimistic toward the interview although, interviewing with Nike is difficult and requires preparation. On the day of the interview, candidates will meet with two hiring managers in a single discussion.

These tips will help you ace your Nike interview:

✔ Dress in Sporty Business Clothing

Interviewing for a job at Nike requires you to get creative with your outfit. You must strike the perfect mix between business-casual and athletic. A good look might include clean tennis shoes, black pants, and a polo shirt. For an in-store position, it’s important not to dress overly formal.

✔ Remain Confident During the Interview

Since a great portion of your job at Nike will include trading with customers, the hiring managers will be keeping a close eye on your social awareness. Smiling, laughing, and maintaining consistent eye contact are all great ideas to show your aptitude for conversation. Answer questions thoroughly, but also know when to stop talking.

✔ Learn About Nike

As one of the most successful clothing brands in the world, Nike encourages an immense amount of pride for their brand. They want employees who are genuinely excited about the company. You don’t need to memorize specific dates and names, but know that Nike started in the mid-1960s and now has stores across the world.

Nike Interview Questions & Answers

Hiring managers at Nike pay close attention to your social abilities and ask a lot of open-ended questions. There are some Nike interview questions and answers that might help you out.

✔ Nike Interview Questions & Answers for the Sales Associate Position

Q1: Who is the ideal Nike customer?
A: The ideal Nike customer is someone who values quality athletic products. There are many competing brands that manufacture similar products, but none of them achieve on the same level of quality. Nike customers have come to rely on that quality — and they won’t settle for less.

Q2: How well do you perform under pressure?
A: Acknowledging stressful situations is what gets me through the workday. When my workplace is busiest, I always find myself entering an extremely-efficient state of mind. In fact, I’ve never had much success in slow work environments. I like to stay busy.

Q3: What is your style?
A: I wouldn’t say that I have a single style, but I like to maintain a diverse wardrobe that leaves me prepared for any environment. However, my closet consists largely of Nike products and other athletic clothing. I think my style is very similar to the ideal Nike customer.

✔ Nike Interview Questions & Answers for the Customer Service Representative Position

Q1: How would you respond to a rude customer?
A: The best way to handle a furious customer is with a great amount of kindness. When angry customers see that I’m happy to help determine their problems, their moods almost change. Staying friendly and convenient resolves many customer-related issues in the workplace.

Q2: Why do you want to work with Nike?
A: I’ve always enjoyed Nike products, and I enjoy the team environment that comes with a position at the company. Every employee plays a crucial role in the day-to-day operation. Honestly, I work best when my individual actions push towards a team goal.

Q3: What is your ideal work environment?
A: I like a work atmosphere that provides a diversity of responsibilities. I enjoy working as a team player, completing tasks individually, and socializing with customers. I think the story of the Nike customer support job is very close to my ideal work environment. Above all, I like to stay busy throughout the day.

✔ Nike Interview Questions & Answers for the Merchandising Associate Position

Q1: What excites you about Nike products?
A: Nike has become the hallmark of superiority in quality athletic products. In my opinion, Nike is one of the most important brands in retail, and the company’s success speaks for itself. I’m also eager to utilize the many opportunities to expand with Nike.

Q2: How would you handle a disagreement with a manager?
A: I would never engage in a heated disagreement with a manager. I might voice my opinion, but I would quickly follow any directions given by a higher-up. After the fact, I would try to speak with my manager about why certain decisions were made, but I would do so with hopes of learning and improving.

Q3: What does loss prevention mean to you?
A: Aside from taking all the necessary precautions to ensure as little theft as possible, loss prevention also largely depends on employee mind. Handling merchandising operations with care is an indirect way to get the most out of our store’s products. Sometimes, damage prevention starts before products are even stocked on the racks.

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This is all about the Nike Interview Tips and Interview Question and Answers hope it will prove helpful to you and you make a strong impact toward your Nike Interview. Although, if you have any confusion regarding this post or Nike feel free to ask me or comment in the comment box I will determine and revert you. For more updates regarding tips and Questions & answers stay tuned at my site

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