Dollar General Interview Questions | Dollar General Interview Tips

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Dollar General Interview Questions | Dollar General Interview Tips

Hey there! Everyone loves to be part of well known or popular workplace and along with good pay scale and great reputation. so here I am talking about Dollar General. 

You must be very excited to get hired in one of the best retail discount industry through walking in Dollar General Hiring.  Although, the Dollar General Job Candidate knows that it is very competitive and get nervous before walking in an Interview.

Despite getting nervous, read this article thoroughly cause here I have presented all the essential information regarding Dollar General Interview as basic information about Dollar General, Dollar General Interview Tips and Dollar General Interview Questions as well.

Read the below sections carefully and make a strong perspective about Dollar General Interview.

About Dollar General

dollar general

Industry Discount retailer
Founded 1939 (as J.L. Turner and Son)
1968 (as Dollar General Corporation)
Founders James Luther Turner
Cal Turner
Headquarters 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TennesseeU.S.
Number of locations
15,000 stores as of July 2018
Areas Served
Contiguous United States(except for the Northwest)
Key people
Michael M. Calbert (Chairman)
Todd Vasos (CEO)
John W. Garratt (CFO)
Products Clothing, cleaning supplies, home decor, health & beauty aids, pet supplies, toys, seasonal items, and grocery.
Number of employees
Divisions Dollar General Market
Subsidiaries Dolgencorp, LLC.
Dollar General Financial
Dollar General Global Sourcing
Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Dollar General Job Interview Tips

The first step involved in the Dollar General interview process calls for you to submit a Dollar General job application and then anticipate the possible Dollar General interview questions you may be expected to answer. You can answer any of the Dollar General interview questions confidently by also using these tips to prepare for your Dollar General interview.

Conduct Research on the Company & Job Opening

Along with practicing your answers to the Dollar General interview questions, you should also learn some basic facts about the company, such as:

  • When and when Dollar General was founded
  • What its mission statement or culture involves
  • What kinds of products it sells

Review Common Interview Questions & Prepare Answers

Think about what kind of Dollar General interview questions you may be asked to answer during your face-to-face interview. You should prepare answers for Dollar General interview questions that may touch on:

  • Any college training you have
  • Prior job experience
  • Your plans for the future

Arrive on Time  

Finally, no hiring manager likes to be kept waiting. He or she is taking time out of the busy workday to meet with you. Make the best impression by being on time or even a few minutes early and that you are presentable and professional in appearance.

Wear clean, pressed clothing and that your breath is fresh. Speak respectfully to the hiring manager and also thank him or her for taking the time to speak with you after the interview is done.

Dollar General Interview Questions & Answers

The company utilizes a host of standard Dollar General interview questions to vet candidates for its most important job openings. Some of the career opportunities that you will find at Dollar General include:

  • Store associates
  • Store management
  • Corporate buyer

Learn how to apply and interview for these positions and others by using these interview tips.

1. Dollar General Store Associate Interview Questions & Answers

As a store associate applicant, you may anticipate these job interview questions at Dollar General.

Q1: What kind of prior job or volunteer experience do you have?
A: I have experience volunteering at my college and have also worked concession stands for university games. I have worked part-time as a fast food cashier.

Q2: How do you feel about working with the public?
A: I like being around people and making their day brighter if I can. I also enjoy working at a fast pace.

Q3: How would you handle an angry customer?
A: I would apologize for any error or misunderstanding. I would also offer any remedy available to me as a store associate.

2. Dollar General Store Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Anticipate these questions if you interview for a Dollar General store management position.

Q1: Why should team building be a top priority for store managers?
A: Team building creates a cohesiveness that you need to drive sales and enhance customer experiences. You need all of your employees working toward a common and shared goal.

Q2: What experience do you have with weekly profit and loss reports?
A: At my previous job, it was my duty to complete these forms and submit them to corporate superiors in a timely fashion. I understand the importance and urgency of such documentation.

Q3: How do you personally handle fighting among your associates?
A: I try to sit the associates in question down for a one-on-one meeting as well as a group meeting together. I then decide the best remedy that falls in line with corporate policy.

3. Dollar General Corporate Buyer Interview Questions & Answers

If you are interviewing for a corporate buyer position at Dollar General, look for questions like these.

Q1: How important is it to take a risk on new and trendy products and services?
A: Taking a risk every now and then is important in reaching out to new customers. The unexpected or the highly coveted merchandise always proves successful in attracting new clientele.

Q2: What experience do you have with corporate level returns?
A: My last position involved coordinating with drop ship companies and suppliers. I regularly scheduled returns and ordered new inventory to ensure steady deliveries of inventory to the stores.

Q3: How would you handle a situation of needed inventory running low or not being available from suppliers?
A: I would utilize inter-branch transfers to shore up short-term supply challenges. I would also continue to monitor the shipping company’s access to inventory that we need.

This is all about the Dollar General Interview Questions and Interview Tips so read it thoroughly and make your job position strong toward the Dollar General Employment. Nonetheless, if you have any confusion feel free to inform me or leave a message in the comment box I will solve and respond you as soon as possible. For more update stay connected here

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