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CVS Job Application | CVS Health Careers

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CVS Pharmacy Job Application | CVS Health Careers

Hey! Are you belong to any Pharmacy education background and looking for a job? If yes then, fortunately, you arrive at the right place to look out. In this post, I am going to discuss CVS Pharmacy.

Well if you want to get hired at CVS Health, then you should know about CVS, CVS Hiring Process, CVS Hiring age, responsibility, and eligibility criteria and many more.

Although, there is nothing to worry here in this article I have presented all the essential thing as CVS health Careers, CVS Openings, CVS Job Requirement & Responsibility, CVS Salary, and CVS Online Job Application.

So read it thoroughly and get full information about CVS Health Careers after that I am sure you will clear about in which job position you are eligible for an application for.

CVS Health Careers

cvs jobs

CVS Company Job Openings

  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Pharmacy Technician IV
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy Technician – Narcotics Room

CVS Job Requirement & Responsibility

1. Pharmacy Manager

Through this position, employees provide better access to lower cost quality healthcare facilities. A pharmacy manager plays a key role in delivering the company objectives, modeling values and providing genuine and certified care for CVS patients. The manager leads the other pharmacy staff such as the technicians. When you win this post, you will be in charge of overseeing the operations in a particular CVS branch.


• Ensuring patient safety
• Enforcing pharmacy professional practice
• Regulating the operations within the pharmacy
• Quality assurance
• Management of personnel and supervision of customer service


Before carrying on with your CVS pharmacy job application, ensure that you have a valid pharmacy license of practice. An immunization certification from any certified organization such as APhA is also a vital requirement. In the education requirements, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from an accredited institution.

2. Customer Service Manager

This job description entails managing customer service functions by planning, analyzing and coming up with viable solutions. Once you qualify, you will handle the provision of directives on performance, quality assurance, revenues, and budgeting.


• Managing Aetna supervisors both directly and indirectly
• Customer care quality assurance
• Working in collaboration with group leaders, supervisors, and operatives in the data gathering and issue resolution sectors
• Forecasting and analyzing budget statistics weekly or monthly
• Review the performance of staff members and identify training requirements
• Reviewing CVS job applications


Perfect oral and written skills are the essential qualities of an excellent customer service manager. In your CVS job application for this post, you must demonstrate the ability to interpret business strategies to attainable objectives. You must also be a graduate with a bachelor’s degree to be considered.

3. Pharmacy Technician IV

This job involves compounding as well as other duties relating to the provision of infusion therapy.


• Abiding by the local, county and federal pharmacy laws
• Carrying out sanitation procedures and maintaining the cleanroom facility
• Handling pharmaceutical infusion compounding duties
• Pharmacy quality control and assessment


All applicants should have an IV admixture experience as well as a validated license for practice. Besides that, they should also have a certificate of participation in the Omnicare IV Technician Training program. All CVS job applications should include a resume indicating one year practice in compounding infusion services in an accredited hospital.

Working Hours and Payment Information

The average earning of a pharmacy technician IV falls in the ballpark of $23,331 with an hourly pay range of between $11 and $19. Nevertheless, most CVS employees work between 55 to 65 hours every week.

4. Nursing

CVS is looking for registered nurses who will work in a developing specialized niche in the nursing department. Therefore, this position provides you with a flexible schedule that will guarantee more time for one-on-one sessions with patients and their families.


• Visiting patients homes to deliver infusion therapy services
• Offer a personalized care according to the treatment plan designed by the physician
• Using your clinical IV training to enhance the recovery of patients in their respective homes.


The company is looking for nurses with robust clinical expertise as well as compassion and sensitivity qualities. The applicants must have a license for practice, particularly in the New York state to serve the targeted Brooklyn area. There are also technical skills required by CVS such as an ability to manipulate data in Excel, office, outlook and word documents. Such skills will come in handy when tracking patient care activities. Finally, you must also have a driver’s license.

5. Pharmacy Technician – Narcotics Room

This job involves distributing medications and maintaining an intuitive inventory for all the CII medications.


• Handling drugs in the narcotics room and other designated duties
• Keeping an integrated list of the available drugs and their demand


You must have attended high school and have a diploma or degree to file for this CVS job application. Also, a prior experience in a narcotics facility within a hospital or pharmacy is required. Finally, you should have a certificate of a pharmacy technician from the state pharmacy board of Florida.

CVS Salary | CVS Pay

  • Pharmacy Manager – $152,669 per annum
  • Customer Service Manager – $11 per hour
  • Pharmacy Technician IV – $11 and $19 per hour
  • Nursing – $75,761-$90,787 per year
  • Pharmacy Technician – Narcotics Room – $9 to $19 per hour

CVS Job Application

One of the major benefits of applying for a job online is the ability to view multiple openings in all of the CVS locations in your area. Both salaried and hourly positions can be applied for via the website. This company does not offer a physical form, however, the majority of CVS locations have in-store application centers that allow you to apply for jobs in-person.

Step:1 First visit the official CVS career site

cvs job application

Step:2 Search for job openings by filling out the search criteria, or view all hourly/management jobs by clicking one of the outlined links.

Step:3 The results page will display job openings. Click on the job you want to apply to continue to the next step.

Step:4 Review the job description, and then click the “Apply Now” button to load the online job application.

Step:5 Review the position summary, and then press the “Apply to job” button at the bottom of the page.

Step:6  In order to continue the application process you will need to create an online account. Fill in the required information.

Step:7 After your profile has been created you will be taken to the eight-step application form. Click the “Next” button to go to the first section.

Step:8 Upload your resume/CV (if applicable) and then hit the “Next” button.

Step:9 Provide your contact details like a name, address, number and so forth.

Step:10 Fill in your work history by entering the job title, organization name, start/end year, and other required details.

Step:11 Enter your education history by filling the names of your schools/years attended/etc.

Step:12 Enter the required details of the “Application” section.

Step:13 After completing the formal application, you may be required to submit additional information (depending on the position you are applying for).

CVS Customer Service

Contact Number:

+1 888-607-4287

Mailing Address:

One CVS Drive
Rhode Island 02895

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I hope you enjoy this article and get what are you looking for here about CVS and CVS Job Application. Although, if you have any confusion regarding this article and CVS without delay contacts me or leave a comment in the comment box I will check and respond to you soon. for more updates about employment stay connected here with me at

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