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Chipotle Job Application | Chipotle Career

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Chipotle Job Application | Chipotle Recruitment

The Chipotle company is a “fast casual” chain of restaurants with more than 2,000 locations. Hourly positions benefits include healthcare, 401k, education/tuition assistance, stock options, paid time off, performance-based pay, and many more. Fill out the online Chipotle job application and apply for openings in your area.

Chipotle jobs are mainly divided into two general categories:

Restaurant Opportunities

  • Team member
  • Kitchen manager
  • Service manager
  • General store manager

Corporate Opportunities

  • Administrative
  • Compliance
  • Design, development, and facilities
  • Finance and accounting
  • Information technology
  • Digital commerce
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Purchasing and supply chain
  • Safety, security, and risk
  • Training

Your Chipotle Job Application can go to any number of places, so make sure you fully investigate your opportunities before committing to any one track in particular.

You can even find internships if you’re interested in working for the company for college credit as well.

Moreover, some locations also offer educational assistance like tuition reimbursement, but they’ll require different forms than your regular Chipotle job application, so look for those in advance.

Chipotle Job Details Information

☑️ Chipotle Restaurant Team Member

Team members are entry-level employees who are expected to cook, clean and cashier as the job demands. They provide a valuable service to Chipotle customers while also serving as the face of the brand.


  • Ring up customers quickly and perfectly using an automated cash register.
  • Serve both hot and cold menu items, including Chipotle specials.
  • Maintain suitable portion control.
  • Keep proper food handling, as well as the safety and sanitation standards.
  • Collect, wash, dry, stack and arrange cookware and utensils.
  • Clean shelves, floors, tables, and bathrooms as necessary.


Team members need to be at least 16 years old and legally allowed to work in the US. They should have the “13 components of a good employee” as required by Chipotle’s hiring standards, and they should understand and respect Chipotle’s Food with Integrity philosophy.

Working Hours & Salary Information

Thus, how much does Chipotle pay? Team members make an average of $8 – $11 an hour. Chipotle benefits include free meals and employee discounts as well. Their hours will depend on their location, but most restaurants open around lunchtime (10:00 AM) and close before midnight (10:00 PM – 11:00 PM).

☑️ Chipotle Kitchen Manager

Overseeing all features of food preparation, kitchen managers are responsible for what comes off the grill and onto the customer’s plate. They’re staff administrators who work under other managers but above entry-level crew.


  • Supervise the cooking, prepping, wrapping and serving of Chipotle menu items.
  • Monitor food waste and resolve food quality issues.
  • Monitor inventory levels and authorize purchases and deliveries.
  • Manage team members by providing training, coaching and general supervision.
  • Adhere to all recipes and general food preparation guidelines as required by Chipotle.
  • Filling out Material Safety Data Sheets and Inventory Rotation.


Kitchen managers require a high school diploma or GED. They should also have Chipotle Crew member practice and the ability to understand the company’s Food With Integrity conception. It’s also mandatory to know how to speak and write in the primary language of the work location.

Working Hours & Salary Information

Kitchen managers make an average of $9 – $14 an hour. Their perks include free meals, employee discounts, paid time off and insurance coverage. Their hours will depend on their location, but most restaurants open around lunchtime (10:00 AM) and close before midnight (10:00 AM – 11:00 PM).

☑️ Chipotle Service Manager

Service managers are responsible for the day-to-day safety and efficiency of Chipotle restaurants. Whether it’s checking freezer temperatures or ensuring that hand-washing protocols are followed, service managers are the kings of detail.


  • Supervise food preparation and meal delivery.
  • Resolve food quality issues.
  • Manage food safety.
  • Create, review, approve and enforce daily safety checklists.
  • Manage breaks, vacations, shift changes, and line schedules.
  • Assist with Crew performance reviews.
  • Train future Service Managers.
  • Resolve customer conflicts with the authority of a manager.
  • Assist with various office administration duties.
  • Assist with the execution of marketing promotions.


Service managers will need knowledge of both general restaurant operations and specific Chipotle policies and procedures. They’ll need to know how to manage point-of-sale (POS) systems and fill out paperwork for budgets, schedules and performance reviews. Candidates also need to have knowledge of Food Safety and various health matters. Preference will be given to candidates with experience as a Chipotle team member or kitchen manager.

Working Hours & Salary Information

Service managers make an average of $9 – $16 an hour. They’re also eligible for bonuses and profit-sharing opportunities. Their hours will depend on their location, but most restaurants open around lunchtime (10:00 AM) and close before midnight (10:00 PM – 11:00 PM).

☑️ Chipotle Payroll Analyst

As corporate employees, payroll analysts are expected to review and refine the time/attendance processes of the Chipotle brand. They work independently but are under the supervision of human resources managers.


  • Operate and assist with bi-weekly business payroll processes.
  • Review, test and install software upgrades for Workday Suite.
  • Troubleshoot problems with payroll and time management software, offering solutions when necessary.
  • Perform administrative duties in the form of filing, archiving, organizing and transferring documents.


Payroll analysts will need a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, computer science or another related field. They should have at least 2-5 years of experience with human capital management (HCM) software and the willingness to be trained in other software, including Workday Suite.

Working Hours & Salary Information

Payroll analysts make between $50,00 – $55,000 a year. They have a salaried position with varied hours.

☑️ Chipotle Multi-Media Internship

Media interns assist Chipotle’s marketing staff with promotional and training videos.


  • Assist with the filming, editing, and processing of promotional materials for Chipotle.
  • Create and render animated graphics for use in multi-media content.
  • Help with the set-up of cameras and lights when shooting new material.
  • Act as a liaison and errand runner for other media personnel.


Media interns need to be currently enrolled in college. The company tends to choose those seeking a media or film degree, especially those with proficiency in film editing software like Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Creative Suite. Applicants will need a demo reel to apply for the internship.

Working Hours & Salary Information

Though it’s ultimately dependent on their school, most interns earn college credit upon successful completion of their internship. Their positions are usually part-time ones that require less than 25 hours per week.

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Chipotle Job Application Guideline

Step:1 First of all visit the Chipotle Career Portal.

chipotle job applicaation

Step:2  Select a category, country, state, and city from the drop-down lists or enter a keyword and click on the “Search” button to go further.

chipotle job app
Step: 3 Click on the particular position and check out the Job Description of the post and then press the “Apply Now” link to begin the online application process.

chpotle job app

Step: 4 Before you apply for the position you have the option of signing up for job updates/alerts. If you don’t want to sign up then click on the “Skip this step”.

chipotle job app
Step:5 On the next step, create an account by entering a username and password. You’ll be able to use it again to edit or review your job application in the future.

chipotle job app
Step:6 At the end of the application, if you have a resume, you can upload it directly to the website and submit it along with your Chipotle job application. If you don’t have a resume, then just fill out the regular application form. It’s divided into multiple parts as mention below,

  • Personal information
  • Shift availability
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • References
  • Questionnaire

Chipotle Contact Details

Chipotle Headquarters
1401 Wynkoop St
Denver, CO 80202
Customer service: 1-303-595-4000

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